About me

I work on the Pagemodo team, building user interfaces on the web. I previously worked at Montage, exploring better ways to build user interfaces for the web. I live right outside Washington, DC.

Current projects

I'm currently focused on learning to be a better development team lead and understanding the business and marketing sides of the products that I build.

Technologically, I work in Rails and MVC JavaScript, and love to make things faster. I'm excited to become proficient in React.js and apply some of the alternate UI models I've studied (see below) on the web.

Previous projects

I've studied the history of UI programming and the powerful models behind revolutionary interfaces. My current projects center on constraint programming as a way to build user interfaces that blur the distinction between input and output.

Recreating Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad, the first graphical user interface, in ClojureScript.
Scrubbing budget
This visualization of the US Federal Budget lets you explore questions like: "how much would we have to raise taxes in order to increase education spending?" or "how much could we cut the deficit by raising the retirement age for social security?"
Scrubbing linear calculator
Creating a small part of Bret Victor's scrubbing calculator with a linear constraint solver.